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P2P stands for peer to peer. Here is the transcript of an email I wrote to my father today:

Hi Dad,

I wanted to let you know that I started writing on my blog again and moved it to g3c.com. The future will be syndicated directly from information sources and distributed P2P to people who want to communicate directly from the source.

For example, when certain people post on facebook there will be zero distribution. Even if you pay!

However, on the web, using RSS feeds or URLS, we can communicate without censorship and without the risk of our friends and family not actually getting our own information that we thought we already subscribed to.

I am guessing you have JerryCroteau.com but if not, maybe you should publish on the W3T.com domain that used to be a home for your company W3 Technology, Inc. and start publishing there. That way, you and I and others can distribute interesting content and information directly with our friends and loved ones. Even photos from my trip here in Istanbul.

Your first post though should be a PDF download of the book you wrote about the internet in the 1990s: The Business Internet. Nothing better than I TOLD YOU SO kinda moments 🙂 about how BIG the internet would be some day.

I read through that book a month or two ago and especially liked your quote from Ghandi called the 7 Deadly Sins

  • Wealth Without Work
  • Pleasure Without Conscience
  • Knowledge Without Character
  • Commerce (Business) Without Morality (Ethics)
  • Science Without Humanity
  • Religion Without Sacrifice
  • Politics Without Principle

However if you directly publish online, your descendents will be able to access that book forever even after you are gone and the book turns to dust, without hoping that Mark Z continues to share the information you gave him to share.

I hope this email was inspirational. I love you, thanks for teaching me about the internet starting back in the early 90s, I am so glad I got started learning about it at such a young age. That wouldn’t have happened without your foresight about how important it would be some day.

G3 aka Tree

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