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Sa Vidyaya Vimuktaye

That which liberates is knowledge. Read more: link here

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AI Misinformation Problem

Interesting blog post about how the AI misinformation problem can be solved by “proof of human” tech. Link Here

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A Thousand Years of Petty Capitalism

GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters and I found something missing. <dusts off shoulders>

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Found in Translation

One of my favorite parts of the open source WordPress software is that written language is so easy to translate. Don’t forget to click the button on the bottom of this page to display these words in the language of your choice.

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Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem

The above latin words are written on the seal of the Republic of Massachusetts that recently granted my company a certificate of good standing. The translation means “this hand, an enemy to tyrants, seeks with the sword a quiet peace under liberty.”

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Privacy Evangelism 2.0

Here is an exchange many of us can relate to either because of tax forms, or employment forms. This is a text message exchange about a website that we both use to securely maintain records of employment, and payroll, and tax fillings. Employees are supposed to be able to access their own records, and exchanging […]

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Toll Roads

One of the first principles in economics is that incentives matter. When most people think of incentives, they usually think of the price of a product or service. However there are many other incentives. One is time. For example, the first ever economics joke is that there is no free such thing as ‘free lunch.’ […]

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I am checking to see if I can share photos with you securely from my Google Drive account. I seem to have it set up but am still waiting for the image files to sync. This is exciting because Google sells cheap storage and I would love to share files directly from their servers rather […]

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One of my favorite parts of the Florida snowbird culture was something I learned from my mother. The tradition in Southwest Florida was to celebrate a sunset with a toast with your mates and your beverage of choice, and to clap after the sun completed its descent for the day. I do my best to […]

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Privacy Evangelism

I believe that privacy, and by extension, information security, is the most valuable part of the internet in 2021 and onward. Most people and companies who use the internet have little to no private ownership of their data. And they typically have tenuous security once they do decide to share data with others. Why? Because […]

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