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My Tech Stack

People passionate about tools, tend to ask what tools an expert uses. Here are some of my favorite current tools: 1Password Server from Siteground WordPress for Publishing and Ecommerce DNS registrations via NameSilo Code editing via TextWrangler Cloud Services from Box, Google, and iCloud Apple hardware / Unix OS VPN from Proton P.S. There is […]

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Privacy Evangelism 2.0

Here is an exchange many of us can relate to either because of tax forms, or employment forms. This is a text message exchange about a website that we both use to securely maintain records of employment, and payroll, and tax fillings. Employees are supposed to be able to access their own records, and exchanging […]

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Privacy Evangelism

I believe that privacy, and by extension, information security, is the most valuable part of the internet in 2021 and onward. Most people and companies who use the internet have little to no private ownership of their data. And they typically have tenuous security once they do decide to share data with others. Why? Because […]

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