Leaded Gasoline

I am the oldest of the “millennial” generation, and until 1980, cars burned leaded gasoline. The problem with lead is that when you burn it, the gasses get in the air and lead dumbs us down. Especially childrean. Economists convinced policymakers to force engineers to switch to unleaded gasoline because by lowering IQ, the whole economy would measurably suffer more than the cost to transition away. I feel blessed to be born in the generation after it was phased out, and suffer fewer neurological damage than generations before. Read more at the Smithsonian Magazine. What other toxins are still lurking in plain sight?

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The Phoenix

My brother in law Volkan had to liquidate the tools and equipment of his namesake Istanbul restaurant today. It got me wondering about what kind of phoenix(s) will rise from the ashes of COVID. I then remembered my ambitious nephew Yuma who started a composting operation creating soils. Farmers highly value soil, and he wants to help his local farmers. He taught me for example that lemon peels should not be mixed in with his compost. Part of the process is cultivating worms to churn the black matter and to collect food scraps. I could see him eventually expanding to waste food oil and converting this to diesel fuel. This isn’t glamorous to some people, but collecting waste oils and food scraps seems like a bright transition for anyone affected by the destruction and consolidation in the food service industry.

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Yacht Charters

To all those who may decide to explore our gorgeous blue planet by yacht, please consider contacting my friend Burak Korel, former captain of a $10M yacht featured in a James Bond film. His experience as a seaman makes him uniquely equipped to help you book the right charter for you. His specialty is charters in the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea, and ports of call in Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. Fully staffed yachts as small as 35′ or a single cabin can be had for as brief as a weekend, and for surprisingly low costs relative to the alternatives. Discover more at Rendezvous Yachts.

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Radyo Bozcaada

A favorite free, online station is Radyo Bozcaada. Music is primarily broadcast in French, Greek, Spanish, English, and of course, in their native Turkish. https://radyobozcaada.com/ or on the mobile app

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You Smell

I love this branding example from You Smell soap makers.

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